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Foundry Perlite Ore Slag Coagulant for Cast Iron (Model R4)

Foundry Perlite Ore Slag Coagulant for Cast Iron (Model R4)

High Quality: slag remover used for iron mateiral
Product description

Slag removal

High Purity: The active ingredient reaches more than 96% with very few impurities.

Low Dust Content: The strict production process controls the particle size range of the product, achieves uniform product particle size, avoids dust during use, and maintains a clean production environment.

Low Water Content: After proper temperature processing, the product has a low water content, which prevents splash caused by crystal water flowing down from high, and makes the reaction more rapidly.

Low Softening Point: After the product is sprinkled on the surface of the molten metal, the part of the product in contact with the molten metal fuses rapidly to form a “skin film” with a “higher viscosity” that can glue or wrap the scum, achieving a fast dregs removing effect.

Cast Iron: The molten iron scum has a low viscosity and is in the form of loose sand. This product absorbs and sticks loose scum by forming a viscous puff, and the loose scum gradually forms a large piece of or a spherical shape in this way, which can be quickly removed finally.

Cast Steel: The molten steel itself has a large viscosity, but is relatively thin. The fluidity of the scum layer is stronger than that of the molten iron slag. The formation of viscous puffs at high temperatures can effectively increase the thickness of molten steel scum, reduce the fluidity of molten steel scum, and accumulate into large pieces, which facilitate the removal of the scum while preventing the scum from entering the cavity with the pouring.

Product Ingredients:

SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO
72.6% 13.1% 1.1% 0.8%
4.2% 3.8% 0.6% 4.1%

Product Specification:

Model Particle Size (mm) Mesh Number Use
R-3 1.12—0.55 18--28 Cast Steel
R-4 0.6—0.18 30-80 Cast Iron

Spread an appropriate amount of this product after feeding and before the molten metal is discharged (the amount of addition depends on the actual amount of scum and the viscosity of the molten metal). After the molten metal is poured into the ladle, another layer of this product can be evenly added to cover the molten metal to prevent heat radiation, reduce heat loss, and block the scum and prevent the scum inside the molten metal from entering into the cavity. When the scum is moved away, the product will expand rapidly due to contact with the liquid metal and form an insulation layer, making the temperature of the upper layer of scum remover lower, and the reaction is not sufficient, so please use a right tool to slightly mix the scum, so that the product will sufficiently contact with the scum layer and reach the best scum gathering effect.

Slag Remover Instruction

The main chemical components of the slag remover are silicon dioxide (SiO2), aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and other trace substances. The content of SiO2 is 71-76%, and the content of Al2O3 is 11-16%. The performance of the scum remover is mainly reflected in the reaction time and adhesiveness. A good scum removing agent is characterized by fast reaction time, good adhesion, and no scum drop. At the same time, to meet the needs of different production processes, other substances can also be added to achieve the purpose of deoxidation, desulfurization, and increasing the flow of molten iron. It is called a compound scum removing agent.

Scum remover is a neutral substance that will swell or melt under the action of high temperature. After expansion, it will form hollow air holes with a low specific gravity, and has a certain degree of adhesion after melting, which is mainly determined by the processing technology. Scum remover is used in iron and steel smelting and casting because it is melted under high temperature operation above 1200oC, and has adhesiveness, so it can effectively aggregate and adsorb scum and slag on the surface of metal solution. Moreover, thanks to its stable chemical properties, it will produce no secondary pollution to the molten metal.

I. Main Indicators

Name Scum Remover
Place of Origin Xinyang, Henan, China
HS Code 25301020.
Brand Daye
Model R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5
Appearance Light yellow or grayish white particles
Particle Size (mm) 2.36-0.85
Main Chemical Composition SiO2 72.30%
A12O3 12.35%
MgO 0.6%
Fe2O3 1.10%
Expansion Coefficient ≥16
Expansion Temperature (°C) 880-1050℃
Moh’s Hardness (g/ml) 5.5
Loss on Ignition 4.1
Bulk Density (g/ml) 0.95-1.15
PH value 7
Moisture ≤0.5%
Application Scope Cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings, molten steel and iron purification

II. Product Features

1. High Purity

Control raw material consistency through our own raw materials;

Introduce full-process automated production equipment to ensure product consistency;

Prevent the introduction of harmful impurities in raw materials and production processes.

2. Fine Classification

According to the characteristics of raw materials, choose different raw materials;

To adapt to different casting process requirements for scum treatment;

Rich product categories provide differentiated and targeted scum treatment solutions.

3. Environmentally-friendly and Healthy

The reaction process of this product is only the change of the physical state, rather than the chemical reaction, it will not pollute the molten metal;

The reaction with the metal liquid is stable, non-toxic and odorless, produces no dust, and will not affect the human health.

4. Scum Accretion Mechanism

Characterized by a low softening point and a high viscosity, after the product is spread on the surface of molten metal, it expands quickly; spreads and covers the whole liquid metal surface; melts rapidly and forms a “skin film” with high viscosity. The film will stick or wrap the scum on the surface of the molten metal and achieve the effect of scum accretion.

Main Characteristics of the Scum Removing Agent:

1. It can gather a variety of scum and impurities in the casting solution to ensure the cleanliness of molten iron.

2. The scum discharge is simple, leaving no loose floating objects. It will not stick to the ladle or damage the wall of the ladle or the furnace.

3. It is thermal insulating; and will reduce the loss of alloying elements.

4. It can reduce phosphorus, sulfur and other harmful elements in the liquid metal.

5. It can eliminate the slag inclusion in castings, increase the quality of castings, and reduce the rejection rate of castings.

6. The haptoreaction with molten iron is stable, non-splashing, non-toxic, odorless, produces no smoke or dust, and will not affect human health. Usage and dosage:

A. When the smelting furnace is smelting, when the metal is molten, spread a small amount of scum removing agent on the surface of the molten metal to remove the scum preliminarily, and then spread a thin layer on the surface of the molten metal. After the reaction is completed, discharge the scum before discharge.

B. Spread a small amount of scum remover on the surface of the molten iron in the pouring ladle. Spread another a small amount of scum remover after the scum is removed for coverage before pouring. The addition amount is about 0.1%-0.3% of the weight of the molten metal.

C. For teapot ladle: Before casting, spread this scum remover on the liquid surface to form a scum accretion insulation layer. With the decline of the level of metal liquid in the ladle, the scum remover declines accordingly. After pouring is completed, pour out the scum layer, which avoids the scum removing process, and has a role of thermal insulation, oxygen separation and prevention of secondary oxidation.

D. Before the molten metal comes out of the water, spread a little scum at the bottom of the ladle. It is recommended not to place scum remover at the bottom of the ladle before the cast iron is molten, so as not to affect the nodulizing effect.

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