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Cenosphere is a can float on the surface of fly ash hollow ball, a pale, thin wall and hollow. The weight is light, the bulk density is 720kg/m3 (heavy). 418.8kg/m3 (light), particle size of about 0.1
Product description

Introduction: zeeospheres

Cenosphere is a can float on the surface of fly ash hollow ball, a pale, thin wall and hollow. The weight is light, the bulk density is 720kg/m3 (heavy). 418.8kg/m3 (light), particle size of about 0.1 mm, surface closed and smooth, small thermal conductivity, refractoriness is more than or equal to 1610 DEG C, is excellent insulation refractory material, widely used in petroleum drilling and production of light weight castable. The chemical composition of cenosphere to silica and aluminum oxide, with fine particles, hollow, lightweight, high strength, wear-resisting, withstand high temperatures, heat insulation, insulation flame retardant wait for a variety of functions. It has been widely used in one of the refractory materials.

Specifications: zeeospheres

20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 50, 100, 150, 200, and, according to customer requirements.

Packing: zeeospheres

Plastic bags, kraft paper, tons of bags, can be packaged according to customer requirements

Chemical composition: zeeospheres

1, High refractoriness; the main chemical composition of the cenosphere for silicon, aluminum oxide, wherein the silica is about 50 to 65%, aluminum oxide is about 25%. Because of the high melting point of silicon dioxide up to 1725 degrees Celsius, three two aluminum oxide melting point of 2050 degrees Celsius, were highly refractory material. Therefore, cenosphere has high refractoriness, generally up to 16001700 degrees Celsius, making it a high performance refractory material excellent.

2, Lightweight, thermal insulation; cenosphere wall thin hollow, cavity for semi vacuum, only a very small amount of gas (N2, H2 and CO2, etc.), heat conduction extremely slow is minimal. So floating beads not only lightweight (bulk density 250450 kg / m3), heat preservation and heat insulation excellent (thermal conductivity temperature 0.080.1) the its in lightweight thermal insulation insulation materials from the field to show their talents laid the foundation.

3, High hardness, high strength, due to the floating beads in silicon aluminum oxide mineral phase (quartz and mullite formed hard vitreous, the Moh's hardness can reach 6-7, hydrostatic strength up to 70 - 140MPa, true density 2.10 - 2.20 g / cm3. Therefore, the cenospheres with very high strength.

4, Insulation nonconductive; both the resistance of the insulator is generally decrease with the increase of temperature, cenosphere, on the contrary, with increasing temperature resistance increases. This advantage is not available in other insulation materials. So, it can be made of insulating material is excellent,

5, Fine particle size, large specific surface area; particle size of 1 to form a natural pearl 250 micron. Specific surface area of 300 - 360g/cm2, and cement almost. Therefore, without grinding beads, can be used directly. Fineness can meet the needs of a variety of products.

Purpose: zeeospheres

1, Fire-resistant insulation materials, such as lightweight refractory brick, lightweight unburned brick, casting insulating riser, pipe insulation shell, fire insulation coatings, insulation paste, thermal resistant glass steel, heat insulation composite powder, light

2, Building materials; building decoration, high-grade pavement paving, roofing insulation coating, road engineering, modified asphalt etc.

3, Oil industry; oil field cementing, pipeline anticorrosion insulation, offshore oil field, floating device, oil well drilling mud, oil and gas transmission pipeline, etc..

4, Insulation materials; plastic filler, high temperature and high pressure insulator activation,

5, Coating, paint, ink, adhesives, camouflage coatings, insulation paint, anticorrosive paint, paint, resistance to high temperature fire paint, interior and exterior wall coating, thermal insulation coating, floor paint, automobile putty, putty and other;

6, Aerospace and space development; satellite, rocket, spaceship surface composite, satellite fireproofing, marine equipment, ships, submersibles and other;

7, Plastics industry; such as automotive trim, instrument panel, shell of household electrical appliance, a fan, a speaker cabinet, lamps and lanterns general bearing, casting, gear, structural parts, zipper, pipe, plate and so on.

8, Glass steel products: all kinds of glass steel products, artificial stone, glass, steel, glass, steel ship, art, etc..

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