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Vitrified Microspheres

Product description

Glazed hollow beads are made from an inorganic vitric mineral material by multi-stage silicon carbide electric heating tube-type production technology. It is irregular spherical particles with a porous cavity structure inside, vitrified and closed surface, smooth luster, and stable physical and chemical properties. Glazed hollow beads have excellent properties like lightness, thermal insulation, fire prevention, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, and small water absorption. It can replace coal ash floating bead, glass beads, expanded perlite, polyphenyl granules and many other lightweight aggregates to apply in different products. Glazed hollow beads are a new type of eco-friendly high-performance inorganic light thermal insulation material.


Non-toxic, harmless, light weight, heat resistant, soundproof, fireproof, breathable, high temperature resistant, freeze resistant, low shrinkage, anti-aging, low water absorption, etc.


With the significant features like high strength, low water absorption, and easy dispersion, this product can improve the mortar fluidity, and is widely used in the lightweight aggregate of internal and external wall thermal mortar, decorative sheet, and insulation boards. Moreover, it can replace some floating beads, glazed hollow beads, expanded perlite, polystyrene particles and many other traditional lightweight aggregates in different products. The product can also be used in construction, density adjustment, metallurgy, fire-fighting materials, heat distribution pipelines, industrial furnaces (lightweight refractory bricks) and other industries. The high fineness products we produce can be used as fillers of rubber, enamel, paper and plastic, drilling mud, and also be used as dental impression materials.

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