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Wall Cement Expanded Perlite (3MM or less)

Product description

The perlite ore sand with a certain particle size expands uniformly from inside to outside when the temperature in the vertical electric furnace reaches a certain level under the step-style heating mode. The surface of the expanded particles is instantaneously high-temperature vitrified, and the continuously vitrified surface is formed after cooling, while the inside maintains a complete porous and hollow structure, and now the product formed is named closed-cell perlite. The unique production method determines that the product maintains the purity of the natural inorganic chemical components of perlite. The structural characteristics of the product are that the surface of the particle looks micro-porous and has continuous vitrification luster, and the content presents several or dozens of tiny spherical piles, and the color is white. The product unit weight is around 110 ~ 350kg/cubic; and the particle size is around 5 ~ 1500μm.


Closed-cell perlite overcomes the poor characteristics of conventional expanded perlite like high water absorption, low strength, and poor fluidity, extends the application scope of expanded perlite, and has the features of high strength, low water absorption, high strength, good miscibility, and easy dispersion. It is the main ingredient for the production of thermal insulation mortar, insulation coating, firebrick, and enamel, and is widely used as aggregate of internal and exterior wall thermal insulation mortars, refractories, decorative panels and insulation board; and high-grade insulation materials and light filler of metallurgy, industrial kiln electric heating insulation, heat distribution pipeline, etc. Super fine closed-cell perlite can be used as filler of rubber, enamel, paint, and plastic.


①: It can be used as an alternative of river sand and as aggregate to prepare inner and outer wall thermal insulation mortar. It can be used as the main material to make high-grade thermal insulation decorative plates, fire-resistant bricks and enamel materials; when it is used as lightweight aggregates and other lightweight fillers for thermal insulation mortars and coatings, it can be sprayed or applied. The percentage of damage during the product molding process is low, which effectively reduces the compression ratio and drying cost.

②: It can be used as the high-grade thermal insulation materials and lightweight fillers in the industries like construction, metallurgy, industrial kilns and high and low-temperature engineering thermal pipelines.

③: It can also be used to produce oil well cement reducer (oil field cement reducer has the advantages as follows: extremely low filling density, which can reduce the density of the product, and save costs accordingly; smaller specific surface area, and low oil absorption, therefore, it can be used heavily; it can make the product have a certain thermal insulation; can improve the impact strength of the product; can improve the heat resistance of the product; and can reduce the thermal shrinkage of the product)

④ It can be used in other materials: Thermal insulation coatings; light, heat-insulating and sound-insulating plastic sheets; light, wear-resistant and low-cost rubber conveyor belts; modified asphalt; reinforced plastic-steel doors and windows, etc; filler of FRP or other composite materials; artificial leather; light refractories; refractory pouring materials; thermal insulation materials; buoyancy materials; and emulsion explosive density adjustment materials.

Technical Parameters

Granularity 0.1-1.5mm 0.2-2.5mm
Volume Weight 150-200kg/m3 120-180kg/m3
Heat Conductivity Coefficient 0.047-0.054w/m.k
Percentage of Close Area ≥95% ≥95%
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